A Bit of Information on The Tapping Technique I thought I would put a little bit of information on the Tapping Technique or EFT as it can be really useful at times of stress, and with us all dealing with the fallout of Covid19, and worrying about our loved ones I hope that it will help improve our quality of our life. Do have a look on the internet under tapping NHS or EFT NHS, there is lots of information put out by our NHS about tapping and how it can help. It is a technique of tapping yourself with your fingers mostly around your face and neck to relieve stress and anxiety and has been likened to acupuncture. It’s good at relieving anxiety and low mood but is also used by the NHS for post traumatic stress, and Paul McKenna uses it to relieve phobias and other emotional issues. This is from the Derbyshire NHS website: ‘This technique has been found to be helpful with variety of unpleasant, uncomfortable or distressing feelings. Many people have found that it has helped them to relieve strong emotions, such as anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt. It can be helpful both with feelings that would be expected to ease naturally over time and also with long established feelings (such as phobias or post traumatic stress). In addition, some people have found it helpful with troublesome physical sensations, such as pain, dizziness or cravings.’ Tapping is cost effective as you can do it yourself. It’s great to use for children who are suffering anxiety as you can do it with them and make it fun! Please give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose, happy tapping, best wishes Marita Tapping Points and how to do it… Choose your words for the problem to be addressed, write them down. i.e. This ??? (pain or emotion) is ?? (frightening/unbearable/frustrating), use your own words, it can be just one word or you can use a short phrase. Remember you are looking for and using words for negative emotions. If you like you can rate intensity of the problem on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, then rate again after you have tapped. Start:- Tap on the Karate chop point (side of hand) as you focus on the issue/problem and repeat the set-up phrase saying Even though this ??? is (frightening/frustrating/upsetting – your words) also occasionally make sure you say: “I truly love and accept myself” often it is helpful to do the positive words on the tapping point on the top of your head so that you remember to do it. Tap through each of the tapping points 1-9 whilst repeating your words, do this 4 or more times, sitting quietly when you have finished for a few minutes, sometimes further issues can arise, then carry on and tap on them too. You cannot do this wrong, if you miss a tapping point it doesn’t matter you can do it the next time around, if you do a different side or use a different hand, again, it doesn’t matter, just continue to tap and relax.
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1. Karate Chop 2. Eyebrow 3. Side of eye 4. Under eye 5. Under nose 6. Chin (in crease beneath lip) 7. Collar Bone 8. Under arm 9. Top of head
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