Back pain - 3 treatments Client had severe back pain from disk degeneration. He had physio for 3 months and acupuncture with no improvement, and was in constant pain. Fusing of the spine has been offered by consultant as a means of pain management. Pain now immensely relieved and is at a manageable level, client is delighted with the treatment. Backache - 3 treatments My client had constant backache for the last 30 years - as long as she could remember! Now backache is no problem! She has been amazed that at last she is able to stand, garden and move about without pain. Pain was resolved considerably within 3 treatments, now has Bowen every 6-8 weeks to keep on top of it. Back Pain Trial Published results from a recent Bowen and back pain trial which targeted a range of people with back pain ranging from 1 month to over 30 years of pain revealed that after 3 treatments: 35.5% were resolved completely 58% reported good progress with only 4% reporting no change. Bowen is being used successfully to treat sports injuries on and off the field. Not only do sportsmen report fewer injuries when treated regularly but they also gain an increase in performance. See Sports Injuries.
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