Arthrogryposis This delightful child has multiple contractures (shortening of muscle causing a deformity) of arms and legs, greatly limiting his range of movement of both arms and legs. He was unable to use his left arm with ease, and unable to put it above his head, his hands has internal rotation making them awkward for him to use effectively. Ha had a weakness to his left side and would always favour using his right side because of this. A has an abnormal swallow so often would gag on food so generally his food was liquidized. His feet were twisted inwards with a large calcified deposits on each ankle. Treatment has been a resounding success, from the first treatment Master A showed improvements with eating, swallowing and had more movement in his limbs. He has been having Bowen for the last 5 months has gained considerable weight and muscle tone. He is now able to use his hands the 'correct' way around, and only occasionally will revert back, although his ankles are still very twisted the calcified deposit is gradually reducing. He is now undergoing treatment to straighten his ankles, now able to be done as he has gained enough movement in his joints to indicate a successful outcome.
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